Athletes and celebrities from around the world experience the amazing health benefits of drinking GoChi™ and Himalayan Goji® Juice to help them train and perform at maximum levels. 

Jason Mraz – Singer/Songwriter

“GoChi is natural and contains no sugar or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. None of what you dont need and all of what you do. GoChi is goji fuel for the mind and body that keeps me at my best, whether Im on the road or in the studio.”

Jason Mraz, the popular singer-songwriter, FreeLife Family member, and notable GoChi advocate, took a recent break from his busy schedule. In that time, Mr. Mraz admitted to rediscovering himself. The talented, 31-year-old musician, who comes from humble beginnings in Mechanicsville, Virginia, has opened for superstars including Alanis Morissette and the Rolling Stones.

His talent and presence had already attracted a loyal fan base, but Jason attributes his year away as the key ingredient to re-aligning himself with a new visionone that has propelled his career to the next level. Taking better care of myself, he admitted, was a big part of it. We can look forward to more great things from Jason as well, as he excitedly assured, Theres certain new rules I am playing by and a new me. To find out more about FreeLife’s own Jason Mraz, you can visit his website at www.jasonmraz.com.

Ben Witter – PGA Professional & Golf Entertainer

“Since I started drinking GoChi, I have found that Ive had more energy in my everyday life, as well as more stamina in my golf shows and workouts, and better recovery after workouts. I have noticed so many physical performance benefits from drinking GoChi and will continue to use it as part of my ongoing training routine.”

Douglas Lossner – Extreme Athlete

“I have been an extreme athlete for over 25 years and I can you tell that this product works. Any person who is looking to get more out of life should be drinking GoChi. Climbing 150 feet of vertical ice with 25 pounds of equipment strapped to your body at 50 years of age is no easy task, and GoChi absolutely made a difference. This product is the real deal when it comes to taking your body to the highest extreme of performance.”

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