Oprah Winfrey Show, merupakan program talk-show yang memiliki rating tertinggi dalam sejarah pertelevisian. Dilihat lebih dari 9 Juta penonton diseluruh dunia.

Dalam suatu acara di tanggal 1 Oktober 2007, merekomendasikan goji kepada Top Skorer Pemain Bola Basket Chicago Bulls – Ben Gordon, untuk menambah stamina dan kebugaran baik dalam latihan maupun bermain.

dr oz oprah ben gordon

Ben Gordon, leading scorer for the Chicago Bulls, needs some nutrition information. “I’m a professional athlete. I train anywhere between two and three times a day. … What kind of foods can I add to my diet to help me maintain high energy levels throughout my diet and not crash after I’m finished working out,” he says.

Dr. Oz recommends that Ben eat more foods with antioxidants. “What happens to a lot of great athletes is they are creating so much oxidation in their body from working out all the time, especially if you’re working out for more than two hours a day—you’re doing this for sure—that you don’t have the oxidant stores to keep up with that. So you’ve got to build up those antioxidant stores by taking leafy green vegetables.”

Bright colored fruits, like goji berries, are also great, Dr. Oz says. “They grow in the Himalayas. They’re the most potent antioxidant fruit that we know,” he says. “Remember, foods are drugs. They work just like that. But especially for an athlete that’s moving fast all over the place, you’ve got to keep the antioxidant stores in your body high and the best way to do it is through the foods you eat.”


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