Himalayan Gochi Juice didukung oleh Scientific Team Research yang handal.


1. Rick Handel (Chief Product Officer)
– More than 30 years of experience in research and dietary supplement product formulation.
– Was Vice President of R&D for one of the world’s largest nutraceutical labs.
– Worked with FreeLife for over a decade on Himalayan Goji® Juice.
– Worked with FreeLife’s Scientific Advisory Board for 2 years to bring GoChi™ to the market.
– Holds 8 U.S. and international patents.

2. Haru Amagase, Ph.D. (Chief Scientific Officer)
– Ph.D. in Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences.
– Published more than 30 scientific papers, and holds 12 research patents.
– Specializes in designing clinical studies
– Ph.D. in pharmacology, the study of how medicines work in the body
– Heads worldwide research on FreeLife products

Science Team

Science Team

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